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Willow Black
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" Smile! "
Name Willow Black
Other names Princess Willow
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 10 and a half
Birthday May 2
Height 60 cm
Weight 50 kg
Relatives Luke Black ( Father )
Grace Black ( Mother )
Samson Black ( Brother )
Joey Black ( Adoptive Brother )
Affiliation Civilian
Former Affiliation N/A
Rank N/A
Status Alive
Other Information
Titan Kills N/A
Willow Black ( ウィローブラック, U~irōburakku ) is the daughter of Luke Black, and Grace Black. She is the sister of Samson Black, and sister of adoptive brother Joey Black. She is currently on a vacation with her friend's family in the farmlands of Wall Rose. She originally lives in the inner district of Wall Sheena, called Mitras.

Appearance Edit

Willow usually wears a dress with a coat, on non-school days. She wears her dark blue uniform with a ribbon on her head on school days. She sometimes wears her mother's clothing, even though they're too big.

Willow has dark, and flowing black hair. She has emerald eyes that shine like the moon. She has very light skin like her brother, Samson.

Personality Edit

Willow is really kawaii and adorable. A lot of boys at her school have a crush on her because she's too cute. She loves hanging out with her friends, and likes to play soldier with her father. She despises the titans, and going outside the walls. She often thinks about joining the the Training Cadets when she's old enough.

Background Edit

Early Childhood Edit

Willow was born one year later, after Samson's birth. She was a joyful, and happy kid. She liked having another brother, after adopting a orphan called, Joey.

Late Childhood Edit

Willow was only ten years old, when she and her family moved to the richest town in all of the Walls, called Mitras. Mitras is the inner district in Wall Sheena. She loved seeing the fine houses, and rich people.

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A Cannon On Top Of Wall Sheena

School Life Edit

Willow is known to be the cutest and popular girl in school. She has a lot of friends, and loves hanging out with them. She has a lot of boy admirers. She'd be happy to be anyone's friend!


The Military Police Brigade

Relationships Edit

  • Samson Black

As you know, Samson hates Willow's guts..Willow hate his guts too! We dunno the reason why they hate each other, ut they do..

  • Joey Black

Willow enjoys hanging out with her brother! The two love each other, as if they were in a relationship. Did you know..Joey has a crush on Willow. But that's kind of weird..

  • Luke Black & Grace Black

Willow loves her parents very much. She admires her father's bravery for joining the soldier program. She likes sewing with her mother if she has any time.

School Abilities Edit

"Willow of the school's best students who ever attended this school. She excels at every subject and never gives up. She also caring and helpful to her classmates.."
— The Principal, Talking About Her To Her Parents

Willow excels at every subject at school, and knows everything about the Vertical Maneuvering Gear, the Survey Corps, the Garrison, and the MP Brigade, thanks to her father.

Willow's School's Statistics:


Quotes Edit

  • ( About Her Parents ) " My dad is in the Survey Corps! ", " My mom is the best person in the world!!! "
  • ( About Her Brothers ) " the best brother to ever have! ", " um..weird. "

Trivia Edit

  • Willow is the second popular girl in school ( Sorry, Mistake.. )
  • Willow was supposed to be called..Sakura, Cherri, or Lily.