Wall of Janus (ヤヌスの壁, Yanusu no Kabe), the ‘First’ and oldest Wall of Cronus which is built with lost foreign knowledge, as well assumed to be the strongest out of the Five Walls of Cronus. In Janus the security lies high with the purest bloodlines that withhold pieces of the ancient knowledge; while some families remain in the other walls, forgotten. Other than its civilization being classified as ‘Noble’, not much is known about Janus’ history.

History Edit

Not much is known about Janus’ history other than it being the First Wall of Cronus, before it expanded to its Second Wall, Methone. It seems that the ancient and purest bloodlines of Humanity hides in these walls, cutting off any interaction with the ‘scum’ of Cronus; those that live in the Human Made Walls. Even the Military branches are troubled to enter this Wall without a good reason, while the highest Officers, Commanders, Lieutenants (with their Commanders) and the Captain-Commander have always been welcomed in Janus.

District Pandora Edit

District Pandora is the only district, also classified as the capital of Janus, and the main capital of Cronus. The official business of the Military with the highest ranks and treason are held in the ‘Sanctum of Righteousness’, which is the unofficial name of this building, therefore its true name remains a mystery as of now.

A non-civilian of Pandora will be surprised by its captivating beauty, only seen by those of Janus and the Military. While this remains a rumor to most of the Outer Walls, it has been confirmed by the Military that Pandora indeed is the most magnificent beauty of all Cities. To this point the sight of Pandora has not been leaked to outsiders, thus no legitimate appearance of the City can be given.

Other Landmarks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Military the Register Book of Civilization in year 855 the population of Janus is circa. 860. In year 880 it increased to the population of circa. 1000.
  • Civilians of Janus are classified as 'Royals' and are not allowed to leave the Wall, therefore none may 'officially' become a part of the Military Force or interact with the Outer Walls, including the civilization of the Second Wall, Methone.