Tracers are a special type of glove used by the Mafia to stop fingerprints from showing on weapons, objects and people. It is also to show their insignia. All Mafia members must wear the gloves or be killed by someone in their branch.

Appearance Edit

Tracers are black leather gloves that go a bit further than the wrist. Some characters can be seen with finger less Tracers, however this defeats the purpose and is most likely an accessory. They have padded fingers and palms.

The White Horse Corps' Tracers are white due to their uniform and to signify their superiority.

The Bombers have the two roses on their Tracers.

The White Horses have the unicorn on their Tracers.

The Killers have the 'Wings of Freedom' on their Tracers.

The Gangbangers have the two swords on their Tracers.

Trivia Edit

  • Tracers are the only part of the uniform common in the Mafia. The Assassination Corps wear black clothes with leather, the Bomber Corps wear black and white vests and the White Horse Corps wear large trench coats and white clothes.