Torvald Nass
Name Torvald Nass
Alias Guardian
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 100+
Birthday 14th February
Height Can change depending on the scene but is said to be over 213 cm at all times

176 cm (lite version)

Weight 100kg

70 kg (lite version)

Species Metal?
Status Alive
First Appearance

"You'll have to try harder than that, Mister Erwin."

Torvald Nass is the personification of Magni. He has a sword called Rebel, and safe keeps it for Axel. He makes a cameo in Attack on Titan (R).

Appearance Edit

Torvald has short spiky blonde hair. He is very tall and has a large build. He wears a blue sleeveless vest left open showing off his bulky chest and arms. He wears white pants and a black belt with a sword sheath containing Rebel in it. He wears black boots that go halfway up his shins. Although he is centuries old, he does not appear a day over twenty.

Lite Version Edit

Torvald's smaller build, dubbed as the 'lite version', is only used when he wants to enter buildings or squeeze into small spaces. He stands significantly shorter, and has a lean build. He wears a black tank top, a white and blue coat that goes until the tips of his boots. The coat is in the same style as his vest when he is bigger.

Personality Edit

Torvald is, like how he is as a sword, arrogant and 'has the beliefs of an old man'. He is also hard working and serious. Despite this, he gets along with more playful and laid back kind of people. He likes to help others out, and likes killing titans. He is also very formal, calling people 'sir', 'miss' and 'mister', with the exception of Axel, who he deems unworthy to have such titles.

Story Edit

Relationships Edit

Axel Striker - Axel and Torvald did not get along very well when he was first introduced, with the former saying how much more 'stuck-up' and 'posh' Torvald became now that he was in a human form. Despite this, the two work well as teammates and battle partners. Torvald has stepped in and saved Axel from multiple fights and titans, even though Axel shows no gratitude for it. Torvald is like Axel's body guard, however when someone address him as such, he gets defensive and states how he will bow down to no-one.

Trivia Edit

  • Torvald, like Magni, was crafted on Valentine's Day.
    • He hates Valentine's Day simple because everyone is too busy to be celebrating his birthday.