The secret of Wall Athena, is a mystery to all the people within Lionus's walls. the story is narrated by a girl who first found out about it, her name was Athens Grace.

Drip Drip Drip, rain fell down. " Mom...when can I go to my friend in Wall Leo?! ", I'd complain. " In a month dear. ", my mother said angrily while washing the dishes. So I snuck out, I went to Wall Leo and visited my childhood friend, Leo Brown. I knocked on his house. " Leo!!! Anyone here? ", I'd say. Someone opened the door. " Oh hi Grace! ", Leo's mom would say. " What do you need? ". " Oh, I was wondering if I could talk to Leo for a second. ", I'd ask/ " Oh sure. ", she'd reply. " Leo!! Cmon, your friend is here. ". " Coming mom! ",he'd reply back. We both went outside. My heart skipped, and I suddenly blushed a little. " What is it? ", he asked. " Oh, I was wondering if you want to go to my hometown in Wall Athena.", I'd ask. " Sure. ",he'd reply. So we went back to Wall Athena. Then, I heard a loud noise. BOOM! We then saw another Smiling Titan climb the wall with ease. " Its escaping! KiIl it!! ", a soldier would say. Pieces of the wall fell down and we saw a hideous creature, it was a Wall Titan! " . . . ",I'd say eyes full of fear.

Grace was the first one to ever see one. After, killing the Smiling Titan the soldiers covered up the wall with the pieces of the broken wall. This was a terrifying experience, because if the Wall Titans saw sunlight they would go out of the wall and attack everything in its sight.