The Fall Of Wall Hera is a depressing tragedy that happened in 890, when the Smiling Titans climbed up the wall and attacked the citizens living there. The districts and villages there were attacked, but the residents there were evacuated. The disaster is viewed by a little boy called, Leo Brown, and his adopted sister, Lea Ink in Cygnus Village.

BOOM! We heard a loud noise coming on top of the walls. " I-Its a-a TITAN! ", a soldier screamed pointing at the ugly looking creature. One of them jumped down and started to make a hole in the wall. I stared at it with fear, and I was unable to move. We saw a swarm of titans running inside after there was a hole in the wall. " I-It broke the wall?! ", I cried. We then started running away, one by one we saw people getting devoured by titans. " Leo! We gotta get back to your parents! The broken pieces of the wall fell near your house! ", my sister would say grabbing my arm. We ran back to my house and we saw a giant pieces of rocks on top of our house. " M-Mom! D-Dad!! ", I'd scream seeing them crushed in the rubble. " L-Leo! T-The titans - R-RUN! One's behind you! ", my mom would scream pointing. The titan grabbed my sister. " L-Lea!!! ", I'd say trying to grab her arm. Then, I saw my sister get eaten. " I-I w-was t-to late.", I'd say falling down on my knees. I tried to help my parents get out of the rubble, I was successful. So we ran to the gate of Wall Hera, while we were running I looked back at the titan who devoured my sister. " C-Close the gate! The titans can break a hole in the wall! ", a soldier would yell. " W-What do you mean?! There's millions of people still inside! ", another soldier would yell back. I watched them argue from the evacuation boat. " O-Ones coming! CLOSE IT! ", a soldier would say screaming. CRASH! After the dust evaporated, we saw people with horrified faces. " I-It broke through W-Wall H-Hera?! ", my mom would say covering her mouth while crying. " Humanity..will be l-lost.. ", I'd say crying.

This was a depressing tragedy, millions of people died, including Leo's sister. After five years, of being in Wall Leo, which is Leo's favorite wall. The Venture Corps have successfully exterminated all the remaining titans. All was well, but people still remember the brave warriors who lived in the towns in Wall Hera.