Samson Black
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" Stupid.."
Name Samson Black
Other names Sammy
Sam The Prince
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 11
Birthday December 25
Height 70 cm
Weight 63 kg
Relatives Luke Black ( Father )
Grace Black ( Mother )
Joey Black ( Adoptive Brother )
Willow Black ( Sister )
Affiliation Civilian
Former Affiliation N/A
Rank N/A
Status Alive
Other Information
Titan Kills N/A

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Samson Black ( サムソンブラック, Samusonburakku ) is the son of Luke Black, and Grace Black, and the brother of Joey Black and Willow Black. He is a currently a civilian living with his parents in the inner district of Wall Sheena, Mitras. His parents are thinking about applying him to become a soldier when he's old enough. He is half Marleyan, and Eldian due to his father.

Appearance Edit

Samson usually wears standard clothing such as a long coat, a red short-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and his black scarf his parents gave him.

Samson has black " sparkling " hair, and brown eyes. He has fairly light skin. He also sometimes wears his father's Marleyan armband without his permission, but he never gets caught by the Military Police in public.

Personality Edit

Samson acts really gloomy, and emo-ish. He is often quiet and rarely talks whenever he's with his family. He loves reading books about the outside world, and books about Eldia and Marley. He is a little perverted and likes writing books, he thinks about become an author when he grows up. Also, if you call him Sammy or Sam, he probably will never speak, look, or play with you ever again..

Background Edit

Early Childhood Edit

Samson was born, a few weeks after the Fall Of Wall Maria to the Black Family. Before they lived in Mitras, Samson and his family lived in the Krolva District, where they adopted Joey Black, and where Samson got a sister, called Willow Black

Late Childhood Edit

A few years later, Samson and his family move to Mitras, because his father got a job as a soldier there. Willow and Joey were so amazed because of the beautiful houses, and the elegant clothing people were wearing. But, Samson was just like " Eh..". Samson is currently attending school there along with his siblings.

School Life Edit

Samson was known to be the emo and nerd at his school in Mitras. He was usually alone and had no friends. But it didn't matter to him, he enjoyed solitude. He only had a couple of friends, like his siblings. He also excels in his classes, and is often the all of his teacher's favorite and teacher's pet.
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Relationships Edit

  • Joey Black

Samson never really liked Joey, he usually just ignored him whenever he's at school. Joey likes to hang out with Samson, and also likes to bother him a lot.

  • Willow Black

Samson hated Willow's guts! Willow hated him too. The two hated each other a lot, but loved each other like brother and sister.

  • Luke Black And Grace Black
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Samson had a chaotic relationship with his parents. He often locks himself in his room and reads. Samson dislikes the thought of becoming a soldier like his father because he thinks its weird..

School Abilities Edit

"Oh, Samson is a wonderful student! He excels with his subjects in class and pays attention. But he usually likes being alone..I think he should work on making friends."
— His Principal, Talking To His Parents About Him.

Samson excels at every subject in school. But he unexcels at working in groups.

Samson's School's Statistics:

Working In Groups
Listening Abilities
Talking Abilities

Quotes Edit

  • ( To His Parents ) " I don't want to be a soldier when I grow up! "
  • ( To His New Brother ) " Go away! ", " Do not ever talk to me at school. "
  • ( To His Sister ) "'re such a teacher's pet."

Trivia Edit

  • Samson secretly wants to become a soldier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  • Samson is bisexual or either gay..