Reunited is the third chapter in Attack on Titan Reborn.

Plot Edit

Axel wakes up in a dark room and has no idea how he got there. Axel learns he's been revived by Eric Boulder, and also learns that his friends are back up and running. He then has to help them get to Shiganshina before the Survey Corps.

Summary Edit

Axel wakes up in a dark room and tries to get up. He realises he's tied down to a slanted table. Eric steps out of the darkness and explains everything to Axel. Two more figures, Petra and Oluo, escort him to his room to get changed. After he does that, he meets the other undead soldiers. Marco asks if he will help them get to Shiganshina and Axel agrees. Axel then starts forming a plan that involves breaking the law. Gunther, Samuel and Mitabi get cold feet, so Axel persuades them to do it. Petra, Oluo and Axel then sneak out to get the ODM gear.

Axel breaks into the Military's weapon area and steals full gas tanks and blades. Petra and Oluo get the gear. A Military Police officer nearly catches them, but Axel's ability to persuade people saves them. The trio run into the night with the equipment. They then go back for more sets of gear the next day.

Eric tells them they haven't had horses for years and asks them what other method of transport there is. Mark says he knows a horse breeder who used to breed the Survey Corps' horses before they bred their own. They get their horses from there and set off. On the way they meet lots of titans and work as a team to bring them down.