Captured! is the first chapter of the fan series Attack on Titan Reborn. It is the first chapter to break away from the original plot line of Attack on Titan.

Plot Edit

After being caught by the Survey Corps, Axel Striker tells his story in hopes of winning sympathy. It instead makes him unreliable and more of a traitor than before.

Summary Edit

Axel tries to sneak away from the Survey Corps because of all the commotion Reiner caused. He climbs down the wall. As soon as he lands on the ground, a Scout spots him and fights him. Axel grabs his dagger from his belt and kills Ben with it. Now with some attention on him, Axel does a mad dash before being tackled from behind. He blacks out after hitting his head off the ground. He awakens on the wall with two Scouts on top of him. Rooster holds his blade close to Axel's neck and attempts to kill him. Axel stops him by asking them to listen to his side of the story. Daley agrees but Rooster says he isn't interested in 'fairy tales' and slices Axel's stomach. Axel proceeds to bite his hand, but Rooster cuts it off. Being unable to regenerate his hand back in time, he admits his defeat.

Rooster and Daley grab Axel by the arms and drag him to the rest of the Survey Corps. They notice the two Scouts and Axel. Rooster drops Axel, whose hand has almost fully regenerated, hard on the ground. Axel's nose, mouth and stomach is bleeding. Axel flinches as his head hits the ground. Levi asks why they brought back the traitor. Daley responds by saying he wanted to hear Axel's side of the story. Axel looks up to see Erwin and Armin both fatally wounded. Rooster grabs Axel's wrists. Levi says Axel's story will have to wait.

After the events of Chapter 84, Rooster and Daley are holding Axel prisoner on a tree branch. Daley has a notepad to write the story for Hange and Levi. Axel starts with his past and how he met the Warriors. When he finishes, Rooster tells Axel he's going to be executed for his crimes. The pair leave Axel with no weapons or gear on the tree branch.