Ramming Titan
Kanji 体当の巨人
Type Deviant
Height 6-9M
Rarity 1:25
Abilities Bone plate on head lets it break through defenses

Ramming Titan (体当の巨人, Taitari no Kyojin) is a Deviant Type Titan that possesses a unique physical trait, that of a fashioned bone plate cresting it's forehead. The bone plate and stronger defensive properties of the Ramming Titan allows it to rush through defenses, breaking down walls and cutting through enemy lines. They were last seen during the Assault on Cronus in Wall Pallene fell, specifically localized in the Dione District.


Ramming Titans, baring a varying height of 6 to 9M, they are physically fit, toned, and have their muscular system bulging tightly against their skin. The most distinct trait however is their bone plate atop their forehead that acts as a battering ram and fuels their ability to break down defenses. With large shoulders and powerful legs, the Ramming Titans bare strong mobility and strength, but low agility and shorter length of arms for attacking normally.


With only an erratic intelligence to back its single form of thought, the Ramming Titan's only ability lies in its goal to destroy obstructions or defenses with its bulky build and bone plated skull. Bursting through enemy forces and moving at high speeds, the Ramming Titan however projects very little room for error and tunnel visions into its goals. Rarely moving out of a single line of direction, only strafing to continue on to its target.

The secondary feat of the Ramming Titan, though not quite an ability, is its natural body defenses, rigid skin and boney plates jut around it's collar bone and just above its nape, making killing it much more difficult.

Military NotesEdit

  • Ramming Titans were the first Deviant types seen within wall Pallane as they burst directly through the weaker sections and allowed other Titans into the walls. Estimated lives lost to Ramming Titans numbered in the 700-800 range due to civilian's caught in their path.
  • Reports from Garrison Units revealed that the Ramming Titans were only intent on destroying resources and forms of entry for Titans, and escape for Humans.
  • To approach a Ramming Titan, attach yourself to the back of a Titan if you are not it's intended target. Aim low at the nape with a slanted strike to slice just below the plate that protects it's nape.
  • When in battles, it was realized that Ramming Titans sport poor close quarters combat skills and an even weaker sense of vision, due to an inability to turn or angle it's own head due to it's own skull and collar structure.