Rallying Titan
Kanji 糾合の巨人
Type Deviant
Height 15M
Rarity 1:100
Abilities Turns other Titans into Runner Deviants, attracts other Titans
Unique Trait Large ribbed throat sac

Rallying Titans (糾合の巨人, Kyugou no Kyojin) are a Deviant Type Titan with the unique ability to activate a dormant trait in other Titans that turns them into Runners. This ability also seemingly acts as a cry for help, rallying other Titans to their location. These titans are distinguishable by their large throat sacs and large upper bodies. They have not been seen since the Attack on Cronus when the wall of Pallene fell, in the Dione District.


Standing at a towering height of 15M, the Rallying Titans bare large upper bodies, fiendish, the Rallying Titans are notorious for their large throat sacs that stoop down to their torso, and having several rows of teeth in their gnarled lips. Using their large throats that can destend with their vocal chords, the Rallying Titans roar with a bellowing cry that calls for the aid of other Titans in a large radius, extending to miles in terms of reach. This cry has become what is known as a warning for all forces that focus is about to be diverted to their location, leading the charge with now turned Deviants.


The Rallying Titan displays a sense and intelligence akin to that of other Deviant types, erratic and dangerous, they display focus in battle. When attacked, the Rallying Titans have shown to sport thick skin that wards off the effects of debris, and were widely known to stride admist flames knowing their enemies could not follow. 

The unique trait of these Deviants however, is their trait to use their natural throat sacs and unhinged jaws to release a heinous cry that activates other Titans into Runner Deviants. Not only this, but these Runners were seen to immediately run in the direction of the Rallying Titan, driven to aid this singular beast. This function was only seen three times in total during the Assault on Cronus, and in what brief reports were recovered from survivors. It was noted once that these Rallying Titans were positioned strategically in the assault and attracted other Titans to focal points, even somehow directing the other Titans with some unseen means of communication. Extremely dangerous, these Rallying Titans were never faced in combat, and their exact capabilities still remain unknown.

Military NotesEdit

  • What was recorded of Rallying Titans during the Fall of Pallene has proven a degree of intelligence in Deviant Types, however, the extent of this intelligence is unknown. What is known, is that Rallying Titans are extremely well positioned in battle, and swept through the Dione District with absolute control.
  • No records were obtained in how to combat a Rallying Titan. Approach with extreme caution, preperation, and numbers.
  • Rallying Titans were reported to linger for a longer period of time inside Wall Pallene after it's fall, only dissappearing several months prior to year 881.