Petra Ral
Name Petra Ral
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday December 6th
Height 152 cm
Weight 45 kg
Affiliation Scout Regiment

Shiradaka High Social and Fighting Club

Former Affiliation Music Club
Species Human
First Appearance

Petra Ral is a character in a spin-off series called Shiradaka High School.

Appearance Edit

Petra has ginger hair and auburn eyes. She wears silver braces on her teeth. She wears the school uniform for females, which is a dark blue skirt, a white blouse with long sleeves and an optional black vest.

Personality Edit

Petra is generally nice and caring towards her classmates and peers, but does get annoyed at Oluo. She pitches in and helps others when they need it, as shown when she quits the music club to join Axel's club. She can get jealous, such as when Axel is hanging around his female friends.

Story Edit

Relationships Edit

Oluo Bozado - Oluo and Petra get along fine, as long as the subject of Levi is not mentioned. The two went to the same elementary school, and because of this they trusted each other due to the years of being in the same class.

Axel Striker - Axel and Petra are best friends. The two went to the same elementary, and were in the same classes with the exception of their second year, as stated by Petra and Axel. It is implied Petra might have feelings for Axel, due to her jealousy of his female friends and occasional flirting. Axel, however, brushes this off as a joke.

Gunther Schultz - Petra considers Gunther a good friend.

Instruments Edit

Since she is a member of a band she plays the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Bass Guitar
  • Vocals

Trivia Edit