Noah Brown
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Name Noah Brown
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday February 14
Height 142 m
Weight 54 kg
Relatives Lea Raven - Leo's adoptive sister ( Deceased )

Ms. Brown - Leo's mom

Mr. Brown - Leo's dad

Affiliation Soldier
Former Affiliation Civilian
Rank 10th
Status Alive
Other Information
Titan Kills Solo: 0

In team: 1 Total: 1

Noah Brown ( ノアブラウン, Noaburaun ), is a member of the Survey Corps. He is the son of Jack Brown, and Jeni Arthur. He is the brother of his adoptive sister, Lea Ink. He holds the power of the Smiling Titan, after eating the previous holder, Chandler Welkers.

Noah originates from Cygnus Village, the southern district of Wall Hera. But due to the Fall Of Cygnus, he was forced to evacuate into the southern district of Wall Leo, Nemea District. During the Fall Of Cygnus, he had to watch his sister die at the hands of a titan. He is angry at himself for not saving her, but after the titan starts to grab his parents, he quickly gets them out and they run to the gate of Wall Hera. He is one of the civilians who witness the Smiling Titans destroy the gate of Wall Hera.

Personality Edit

Noah has a really