"You smell weird. Wear deodorant."
— Mike commenting about Eren's B.O.

Mike Zacharius is an old Assassination Corps member and considered to be the Mafia's Second Strongest Member. He can sniff out the victims from miles away and because of that he never uses his scope on his sniper.

Appearance Edit

Mike is very tall and well built. His blonde bangs are usually pushed back, unless stressed. He has a dark beard and mustache.

He wears the usual uniform of the Killer Corps which is a black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, white shirt and a black tie. He wears Tracers with the 'Wings of Freedom' on them. His balaclava is clipped onto his belt.

His casual wear is a navy blue wide-collared shirt with long sleeves and white pants.

Personality Edit

Mike is a very social person and will talk whenever he feels like it, often to the annoyance of his comrades. He helps Erwin with plans and strategies even though he prefers to follow others rather than lead them. Helping Erwin often stresses him out, causing him to be on edge.

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Smell Edit

Mike's sense of smell has helped him on numerous missions and has helped others. He says victims and other bad guys have a certain smell.

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"No! I don't want your cookies!"

"Bad guys and victims have a strange smell that you can pick up straight away. Sort of like a fart in an elevator."

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