BOOM! " We all knew that Marley was at its end soon. ",I'd think. " I-Isn't that the-",someone would scream. " Colossal Titan?! " I'd watch the enormous titan kick a hole through the gate of Wall Galliard. " I-It kicked a hole in the wall.",my friend Bertholdt Hoover would say fearfully. " Oh shut up dude,its not like titans will overrun this town a lot of the titans are near Paradis right now. ", I'd say with no fear. " Cmon lets go back home. " But then it happened. BOOM! Pieces of the wall flew in the air killing some people. " R-Run!! ",a Marley soldier would say. I stood still for a second. " TITANS! ",I'd scream pointing at one go in. Everyone was pushing,some crying,and some going insane it was chaos. " B-Bertholdt?! ",I'd say trying to look for him. " This felt like the end of Marley. "

A few minutes later, I finally found Bertholdt. " Hey Bert lets evacuate now. ",I'd tell him helping him get up. We were put on a boat. " Everyone in boat! Start it now. ",I'd hear someone yell. We were evacuated into the third wall,Wall Braun. We spent the night in the evacuation rooms." Hey Bert. ",I'd say. " I need to tell you something." " What is it Nicholas? ",Bert would say. " You know that girl you had a crush on? Well she's walking up to you. ",I'd say grinning. " Oh who was it again? Was it Anna? " Bertholdt would start blushing a lot. " M-Me?! I d-don't have a-any feelings for h-her! ',he'd say squirming a little. " Hello! ",the girl would say. " Hi! I'm Nicholas! Nicholas Yeager,and my friend here is Bertholdt Hoover who has a huge crush on you! ^v^ ",I'd say holding Bertholdt's head. " Oh uh...ok? I was just gonna say that I'm sorry,your homes got destroyed.",she'd say patting Bertholdt's head. Bertholdt would be blushing really hard. " Anna! Wait for me! ",a girl would say running towards her. " Oh Hi Cynthia! ",Anna would say. Cynthia would look at Bertholdt and I noticed she was blushing. " W-WOAH! ",she'd say falling on top of Bertholdt who's nose was bleeding at that time. " Hiya I'm Cynthia!",the girl would say getting up. " And sorry for falling on top of you." A few minutes later we went to the gate of Wall Braun. " I wonder what's happening to Wall Galliard..",I'd say sighing. Suddenly, I felt dizzy soon I fell into a daze.

Reiss Braun's P.O.V. -Inside Wall Hoover- -During The Fall Of Wall Galliard-

" Nate! Wake up! Nate!!! ",I'd yell into my friend,Nate's ear. " W-What is it?! ',he'd say STILL IN CONSTRUCTION.