"And who're you? Mr Clean?"
— Commenting on Levi's cleaning habits

Mark Tyrones was the cousin of Axel Striker. He was a veteran Survey Corp member. He was one of the only people in his time to know about titan-shifting.

Personality Edit

Mark was a gentle person, often avoiding conflict. He would participate if necessary, however. He was protective of people close to him, and wouldn't hesitate to hurt someone who hurts them. Mark was good with little children, as stated by Axel, and comforted them if they were stressed.

Appearance Edit

Mark had short blonde spiky hair and blue eyes. He had a muscular build and was tall. He stood a centimetre below Erwin. He had a intimidating presence.

He wore the usual Scout uniform, but with a green shirt underneath. When he was Underground, he wore his green shirt, grey pants and a leather belt. Mark was very pale during this time, due to lack of sunlight.

He looked like an older Reiner Braun.

Story Edit

A Choice with No Regrets: Part One Edit

Mark meets Levi after walking through an alleyway on his way back to his hideout. Levi proceeds to rob him, but Mark then tells him he needs the money to feed his younger cousin. Levi pauses for a second then lets Mark go.

The two see each other again after Mark steps into a fight. He is about to get killed when Levi saves him. Mark asks Levi to teach him how to fight like that, but Levi refuses. Mark begs until he gives in. Levi lets Mark and Axel stay with them and help with the heist, but he was reluctant to let Axel, who was eleven, to join.

As the heist begins, the group realise that they are being chased by the Survey Corps and split up. Mark and Axel go to the left. They end up getting caught. All of them were shackled except for Axel, who was instead held by the wrists by one of the other soldiers.

Levi agrees for four of them to join the Survey Corps and for Axel to enlist in the Trainee Corps.

A Choice with No Regrets: Part Two Edit

Abilities Edit

Three Dimensional Manoeuvring Gear Edit

Mark found it easy to use the gear, despite not having proper training. He was able to use it in any environment.

Relationships Edit

Levi Ackerman - Mark and Levi got along well, often trusting each other.

Isabel Magnolia - Mark and Isabel joked around a fair bit. Mark also started having feelings for her.