"Well, I don't want to sound scared, but I want to avoid titans at all costs. Why? Long story....."
— Remembering his death

Marco Bodt is the reborn version of Marco Bott. His missing half is replaced with metal plates. His internal organs were also replaced with metal and other materials. He has forgotten his family and hometown.

Appearance Edit

Marco has black parted hair and freckles on his human side of his head.

He wears black with a black trench coat. To cover his robotic face, Marco wears a Guy Fawkes mask. His casual attire is a green jumper over a white collared shirt and light brown coloured pants.

Personality Edit

Marco remains an idealistic and positive person. He is scared of titans. He is less trusting towards others and doesn't eavesdrop at all, because he's afraid of being killed again. He still cares for Jean, and hopes Jean doesn't forget him.

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Trivia Edit

  • Marco is also afraid that Jean will forget about him.