"Honestly, I feel more sorry for people who don't have enough self esteem to hold themselves to a high standard, than for people who hold themselves to a high standard, and never succeed."

Maija Ardelean (also called Arla by Elisé) is a soldier of the Survey Corps, graduate of the 103rd Trainee Squad, previous friend of Luke Siss, and younger sister of the deceased Patricia Ardelean. Her Japanese voice actor is Eri Kitamura, while her english is Erica Mendez.
Maija Aredelean
[[Maija anime img 01|270px]]
Name Maija Aredelean
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Birthday August 18
Height 164cm. (5'4")
Weight 56.24kg (124lbs.)
Affiliates Survey Corps
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 103rd Trainee Program
Grad Rank 4th
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Wall of Origin Rose
District of Origin Karanese

Appearance Edit

Maija has a lively, yet approachable appearance. Very lightly tanned skin, grey eyes, and medium-length dirty blonde hair that's normally pulled over in a low ponytail to the side with a silver clip. Her most notable features are a beauty mark below her lip on the right side, and bright upturned eyes.

When she was younger (8-10) , Maija's hair was to her elbows and quite curly. She left it down and it was rather messy. Her eyes were wider as a child.

Personality Edit

She's a straightforward and outspoken person, who can often use her aptitude for voicing her opinions to bend things in her favor. While quite loud and friendly, she happens to also be sarcastic and slightly passive-agressive, sometimes rubbing people the wrong way. This leads to her anxiety around speaking to people the way she really is–for fear of making them feel bad.

Her personality however, can easily be described as a "dual personality", in which her best traits double as her worst. When in battle, and put into a very pressuring situation, she will act on a whim, regardless of others' safety and warnings.

Relationships Edit

Elisé Nicolosi Edit

Maija sees Elisé as a hero of sorts, looking up to her for her ability to seemingly remain calm under stressful situations. While she admittedly gets tired of Elisé's constant scolding about her sarcasm, they are very close and see each other as family.