"Slice the neck, down he goes. Stab him twice, no need to do it thrice! "
— Levi singing his rhyme

Levi Ackerman is the squad leader of the Special Operations Squad. He is said to be the Mafia's Strongest Member.

Appearance Edit

Levi's hair is short, straight and black styled in an undercut. He has narrow, dull blue eyes. He grins a lot and wears a happy demeanour a majority of the time.

He wears the usual uniform for the Assassination Corps which is a black leather jacket and pants with a black belt. He has a balaclava tucked into his back pocket. He wears black boots and a light grey shirt and instead of a tie he has an ascot. He wears Tracers with the 'Wings of Freedom' on his hands.

His casual wear is a grey hoodie, black jeans and white Vans.

Personality Edit

Levi is a kind and warm man, often complimenting people. Levi tells lots of jokes and doesn't take his job very seriously. He is light-hearted and when someone makes a height joke he laughs it off, not thinking much of it.

He doesn't take much notice if his surroundings are clean or dirty and he can work either way. He is also very jolly, as he is often making up a tune and whistling.

Story Edit

Abilities Edit

Knives Edit

Levi is excellent at using knives and knows all the weak-spots on the human body. He can kill someone in under a minute with just a single blade.

Strength Edit

Levi is strong enough to take down someone way bigger than him. He can hit someone on the back of the head with so much force it can concuss them.

Relationships Edit

Eren -

Quotes Edit

"One by one their men drop. Their heads go plop, plop, plop."

"Haha, that's funny Erwin! Tell me another joke."

"Messy? This is as clean as it's going to get!"

Trivia Edit

  • Levi was meant to be assassinated however Erwin and Mike decided to bail at the last minute due to Levi seeing them. They capture him instead.