"We have now sided with humanity, and wish to gain power another way."
— Eric explaining his plan

The Izans are a group of Eldians who want to conquer titan land and build an empire. They originally wanted to break down the walls to broaden their land they were going to own, but later decided to build an army of un-dead, robotic soldiers. The leader is Eric Boulder who is experienced in engineering and surgery. He is the one reviving the soldiers.

Soldiers revived Edit

Marco Bodt

Petra Ral

Oluo Bozado

Gunther Schultz

Farlan Church

Axel Striker

Samuel Linke-Jackson

Mitabi Jarnach

Uniform Edit

All the members wear a black trench coat and balaclava. Farlan, Marco and Mitabi wear Guy Fawkes masks over their balaclava. The rest of the uniform is a black shirt, black pants, black boots and black gloves.

Important Members Edit

Eric Boulder (leader)

Anton Pasternak

Tugay Tilki

Algar Townsend

About Edit

The reason they froze Axel's mental age is so they could have a titan-shifter on their side in case their plan went wrong. After trying to kill the citizens and even the king, the Izans realised humans would not obey someone who destroyed their last hope, the king, and decided to help humans by reviving their dead soldiers.

In order to get Marco's body without anyone noticing, Algar gets a look alike corpse whom he damaged the same way. Getting the soldiers who died outside of the walls was easier, as all they had to do was pick up their bodies and bring it back. Tugay is in the Survey Corps because it makes it easier for him to get their bodies. Algar is in the Garrison, and collects their bodies.

They can only collect the bodies that are not devoured and have more than half their bodies.