"Can I see your sword? Oh wow... I didn't think you actually had it!"
— Hange commenting on Magni

Hange Zoe is a long-time member of the Assassination Corps. Hange has spent a majority of her life searching for Magni and was quite disappointed to see that someone already owned it. She does have an interest in Eren because he has Magni.

Appearance Edit

Hange has neatly brushed hair kept up in a tidy pony tail. She has wide brown eyes and glasses that look like goggles. Hange isn't in a rush at all and is slow. She sometimes puts her glasses on her forehead but only when she's mad or feeling serious.

She wears the usual uniform of the Killer Corps which is a black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, a white shirt and sometimes she wears a tie. She wears Tracers with the 'Wings of Freedom' on them. Her balaclava is hanging from her belt.

Her casual outfit is a light grey jumper and black pants.

Personality Edit

Hange's personality is always changing however she cannot stand annoying people that ask the same questions or eat her cookies.

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Quotes Edit

"Oh I see. You want me to hurry up. Well good luck with that."

"Eren, that's a mighty fine sword you've got there. Mind if I look at it?"

"With this you can restore peace! Or cause havoc, whatever you please."

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