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Picuture of Guinevere
Name Guinevere
Other names Gwen
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age Uncertain
Birthday April 9th
Height 5'9"
Weight 70 kg
Relatives Unnamed Mother†
Unnamed Father†
Arthur Pendragon (Husband)†
Alexander Cook (Son)
Artoria Pendragon (Daughter)
Affiliation Pendragon Family
Former Affiliation Avalon
Status Alive

"Alex... Are you sure you want to join the Scout Regiment?"
— Guinevere to her son, Alexander

Guinevere (グイネヴィア, Guinevu~ia) is a Human Avalonian female, and the wife of Arthur Pendragon, and mother to Alexander Pendragon and Artoria Pendragon. She, along with her son, are the only remaining members of the Pendragon Family since the Fall of Wall Maria.


Early LifeEdit


Guinevere had red hair and silver eyes. She always worn a white robe, and wears the uniform of the Survey Corpse under it, but had it modified to be red, since Arthur liked the colour Red. She stood at 5'9".



  • Arthur Pendragon - Arthur had a love-interst to her, and so does she in return. Guinevere and Arthur were together since childhood, and had a powerful bond that they loved each other. She was very caring towards him, and this only grew stronger when they got married, and had their child. She was very depressed when Arthur sacrificed himself to save her, and the other Avalonians. But this didn't grew has she had their son, the legacy of Arthur.


  • Based on Guinevere from the Arthurian Legends.