Francis Langnar
Name Francis Langnar
Other names Francis Anders (フランシス•アンデルス, Furanshisu Anderusu)
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday November 13th
Height 1,68
Relatives Brais Anders (husband)Langnar (sister)
Marsella Anders(daughter)
Mr. Braus (cousin)
Sasha Braus (niece)
Affiliation Trainee Corps
Former Affiliation Garrison
Rank Squad Leader
Status Deceased
Other Information
Titan Kills 20 in total

Francis Langnar (フランシス・ラングナー, Furanshisu Rangunā) was a female member from the Garrison. She was the Squad Leader (分隊長, Bun-taichō) from the one of the Elite squads.


Francis was thin and had a standar height. She had long black hair, lightly tanned skin and some freckles under her dark grey eyes. She used the standard Garrison uniform.