Eric Boulder is an Eldian man and leader of the Izans. He wants to build an empire and conquer other lands. He told Axel Striker to help conquer titan land.

Appearance Edit

Eric has a muscular build. He is tall and has a menacing demeanour. He has dark brown hair styled in a quiff and a dark brown beard. His eyes are brown.

He wears a completely black outfit and black bandanna on his head.

Personality Edit

He can be warm-hearted sometimes, but is commonly seen serious and cold. He has good intentions for humans, and wants to take back the land that titans had taken away. He is a hard working man, stating that he's spent seven years building up the skills to lead an army. Eric is a confident leader and would stop at nothing to achieve his dream.

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Engineering Edit

Eric's engineering skills are incredible, being able to create prosthetic arms, legs, faces and bodies out of scraps of metal and wire. He can also get the heart beating and mind working.

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Trivia Edit

  • Eric is left-handed.