"I-I have no idea what just happened... but it felt kind of good..."
— Eren after his first crime

Eren Jeager is a graduate of the 104th Gangbangers and a member of the Assassination Corps. He possess the legendary weapon, Magni, and is one of the main protagonists of the series.

Appearance Edit

Eren has an average round-ish face and large teal eyes. His dark brown hair is kept neat and pushed back with thousands of layers of gel.

Before joining the Mafia, Eren wore a white v-neck shirt and grey pants with sneakers. During his time in the Gangbangers, he wore a white shirt and black hoodie with black jeans and Converse. Like the other new members, he wore a duffel bag with spray cans in it. After joining the Assassination Corps, Eren wears a black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, a white shirt and a black tie. He wears Tracers and has a black balaclava hanging from his belt.

Personality Edit

Eren is weak-willed and lacks the drive to do much about the other gangs, even though one killed his mother right in front of him. He is also very lazy, and gets Mikasa or Armin to do it for him. Although he is lazy, he is very clean and proper, doing up his hair and making sure he looks immaculate.

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Eren is a good fighter with his fists. He doesn't like violence even though he is very good at throwing punches.

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Quotes Edit

"Why should I do it if you can?"

"So you're saying that this little sword thing can help restore peace?"

"Hey, Jean, why the long face?"

"I don't want to fight..."

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