Donovan Mallory is a 104th Training Corps graduate and member of the Survey Corps. He gets picked on a lot because of his weight and was a very underestimated soldier.

Appearance Edit

Don has brown hair styled upward in spikes and shaved. He has a chubby round face. Since he's one of the biggest members, he had to get a bigger jacket size. He has oval-shaped green eyes.

After training, Don has appeared to have lost weight and he confirms this by saying he has lost five kilos.

Personality Edit

Despite being teased and excluded by most, Don still tried to make friends. He had nice manners and helped people out even when they scorn him. His kindness and generosity paid off and Don became friends with Axel, Reiner and the trio. Don never gave up even when he had trouble getting the hang of anything.

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Three Dimensional Manoeuvring Gear Edit

Don is extremely good at the 3DM gear despite being heavier than most soldiers. He is surprisingly flexible and flies through the air. He can quickly change direction and has fast reaction time.

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"I used to believe it was baby fat too. Now I realise how wrong I was."

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