Charles Shiromaru
Name Charles Shiromaru
Alias The Class One Titan Slayer
Kanji 白丸、チャールズ
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday May 12
Height 170cm
Weight 64kg
Affiliates Susan Shiromaru (Mother) (Deceased)

Kenmaru Shiromaru (Father) (Incarcerated) Eva Shiromaru (Sister) (Deceased) Shin Lamperouge (Adoptive brother) Klara Ackerman (Adoptive Sister) Alicia Reiss (Girlfriend)

Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation The Titan Hunter Foundation
Grad Rank 13
Species Human, Titan-Shifter
Status Alive
First Appearance
Wall of Origin Wall Maria
District of Origin Shiganshina

"I can either kill you or you can kill me, no matter the scenario Tobias I have already won. I won't be bound by this ridiculous belief of the titans power resulting in control over mankind. Even if I did believe that someone would stop me, someone with a dream of mankind's freedom would defeat me. I am not one of a kind Tobias Hoover!!!."To Tobias Hoover