Carla Jaeger
Name Carla Jaeger
Kana カルラ・イェーガー
Other names Ms. Jaeger (in the dub)
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 23
Birthday January 29th
Relatives Eren Jaeger (Son)
Grisha Jaeger (Husband)
Mikasa Ackermann (Adoptive daughter)
Status Alive (Formerly Deceased, revived by Samuel Nakaoka the Second using the Black Star Dragon Balls)
First Appearance
Anime PR: Attack on Titans
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Carla Jaeger is the supporting character of PR: Attack on Titans.


Carla had brown eyes and black hair. Her hair was rather long, kept tied loosely to the side on her right shoulder with a dark red tie and only a few short hairs around her ears and forehead were loose. When she was seen inside her home, she wore a cream-colored sweater with frilled sleeves and a long red skirt with a white apron and small tan boots.



PR: Attack on TitansEdit

Titan's Rampage (Eren's backstory)Edit


PR the Series: Sun and Moon: Post-Arisa/Drakcel ArcEdit

After revived by Samuel Nakaoka the Second by using the Black Star Dragon Ball who lives with humans and Titans were now peaceful, she was now nursery where heals humans and Titans. When the Titan World was invaded by Drakcel's Zenitro Gods that Samuel Nakaoka is responsible for altering the future in order to fix the history, she evacuate everyone else to make sure to be safe.

When Samuel Nakaoka the Second was brutally injured by Quitros' Zenitro God Synchro because of the real damage cause Samuel Nakaoka's previous Duel Runner was destroyed, Yusei and the others sent to Titan World and met Carla that Samuel Nakaoka was injured.