"OOOH! I just realised that children are human fusions of their parents! I'M A FUSION B*TCHES!"
— Realising he's a fusion

Axel Striker is the main protagonist in AoT: Plot Tweaks. He is a part of the Survey Corps. He is the current holder of the Morphing Titan, and doesn't care much about safety.

Appearance Edit

Axel has curly black hair that is shaved at the sides. He has a long face, like that of Jean's, and an overbite. He wears purple braces. He is more muscular than his Reborn counterpart, thus meaning he weighs more. He also, as stated by his peers, has 'v lines and abs'. He has a long nose and big ears.

He wears the usual uniform for Survey Corps members and a white collared shirt.

Personality Edit

Axel is a cold person who can be extremely blunt. He is sociopathic, and enjoys hurting people. He gets enraged easily, likes breaking the rules and twisting the plot. This makes him the number one suspect of being Author Pen, who changes the plot however they please. He often acts before he thinks. He is also a very slow thinker, but despite this is intelligent.

Story Edit

Deaths Edit

Concussion Edit

Axel gets knocked unconscious by the Female titan and dies from concussion shortly after.

Death from above Edit

On the ride back to the walls, Axel gets crushed by a titan that belly flops on top of him.

Half-deaths Edit

Cannon Edit

Axel gets shot in the stomach with a cannon. He regenerates his stomach, much to the shock of the Garrison.

Relationships Edit

Injuries and murders Edit

Alter-Egos Edit

Ripper Stripper Edit

Ripper Stripper is Axel's wrestling alter-ego.

Trivia Edit

  • Axel has killed the most people, however Petra has died the most.
  • He is a fan of Steven Universe.