"The most skilled gang members go here. Or the most stupid ones."
— Anonymous White Horse member

The Assassination Corps are an AU version of the Survey Corps. They are an organised crime group that work for one of the strongest Mafia gangs in all of the country. The Assassination Corps is almost as dangerous as the Survey Corps, because if they're caught they get killed. It's members are the most skilled with weapons and sneaking around late at night. Being able to destroy evidence is also what they are capable of. It's most notable members are Erwin, Eren, Hange, Mike and Levi. They burn the 'Wings of Freedom' somewhere on their victims and leave the body for police to find.

Positions Edit

There are many positions in the Killer Corps, however some require more skill than others.

Snipers Edit

The Snipers do long distance shots and are mainly positioned on a rooftop or in a window. Their sniper rifles have a silencer on it. Snipers must have good aim. Oluo is a sniper that does long distance.


Sneakers usually use knives to slit their targets from behind. Sneakers must be light on their feet, so the smaller members, like Levi and Petra, are more suited for this position.

Betrayers Edit

Betrayers are the talkative members who betray the victim. They make friends with them over the coarse of a few days or more, then kill them or lead others to kill them. The Betrayers must not feel guilt or feel sorry for the victim. Axel is one of the most notable Betrayers.