Hi! I'm Wyatt " Levi " Ackerman! Tomorrow, I start middle school! Unlike my clumsy cousin, Leo Leonhardt Ackerman who's starting elementary tomorrow , I'm the more " sophisticated ", and clean freak person. Well..enjoy reading!

Chapter 1: The Weird " Photobooth " Edit

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My favorite picture.

I was walking to school with my friends, Linsey Zoe, Michael Zacharius, and Aaron Smith. " Dude, we're gonna be late.. ",Aaron would say showing me his watch. " Its 7:59! ",I'd say pinching him. " Levi, you've been wearing that cat shirt forever- ",Michael would say. " S-Shut up! I wear what I want to wear! ",I'd say embarrassed. " Guys! Lets go to dat random photobooth! ",Linsey would say pointing at it. " Sure..",I'd say. " Les go!! ",Linsey would say grabbing my hand. " S-Slow d-down!! ",I'd say blushing. " How do this work.. ",Aaron would say confused. " Like this! ",Linsey would say pushing a button. After a million pictures, we went back to walking to our school. I got to keep my favorite picture!

Chapter 2: A Unexpected Guest! Edit

" K-Karanese...East Middle School? ",I'd say reading the words on the sign. " We're early, so lets just wait at the library..",Linsey would say reading a book about titans. So we went inside and waited for a couple of minutes before the bell rang. " All 1st Year Students, please proceed to the gym. ",the loudspeaker boomed. We hurried to the gym along with other 1st Year students.

" Welcome 1st Year Students to Karanese Junior High! ",the school president, Lissie Lagnar would say. " Right now, our headmaster will come and say hello to you guys..". Suddenly, a enormous cloud of smoke appeared near the wall. " I-Is t-t-that