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Alexander Pendragon
Power Armour
Name Alexander Pendragon
Kanji アレクサンダーペンドラゴン
Romanji Arekusandāpendoragon
Race Human
Birthdate October 1st, 835
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation Cadet Regiment
Previous Affiliation Avalon
Occupation ARC Soldier
Previous Partner Sasha Braus
Position/Rank Lance Corporal
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Pendragon Family

Sasha Braus (Possible Lover)

Status Alive

"A mind like no other, the skill of tactic intuition along with combat expertise, he is by far a good soldier how cares for his comrade. Though, he had began to like Sasha, but with her unusual instincts, they may make a good par."
Keith Sadies on Alexander

Lance Corporal Alexander Pendragon (アレクサンダーペンドラゴン, Arekusandāpendoragon) was a human male advanced recon commando of the 104th Southern Division. He was the partner and possible lover of Sasha Braus. He appears in the short story, Attack on Titan: Division Commando.

Selected as a commando candiate during his training in the Cadet Regiment, he was chosen along with four others in specialized training exercises and were the users of proto-type technologies of power armour that be used against the titans. Highly intelligent, he is the main factor in improving the power armours, and were in various military formations and tactics. Creatively, he is also able to formulate his own ideal formation for situations. Over time, he became attached to Sasha and soon began to fall for her over the course of his carer as a commando. However, after witnessing Sasha's death, he vowed to avenge her.


Before Year 845


Arthur under specialized permission always seem to favor wearing the Pendragon Ceremonial Uniform out of the Cadet Regiment standard issue uniform, but does wear the Cadet Regiment uniform during ODM training. Due to the fact the Ceremonial Uniform fabric is much more lighter then the Military uniforms, allowing greater speed and mobility for the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. The Ceremonial Uniform in question, is armored uniform, with the cloth clothing being long sleeved blue, and the armor made of Hyperdense Titanium, a metal that is strengthened by the Avalon Blacksmith Sector. He has blonde hair, and deep blue eyes.


Abilities & Equipment


Martial Arts


Omni-Directional Mobility Gear

Genius-Level Intellect


Ceremonial Blade: The Blade of the Pendragons, and one of the few swords that is able to cut through the Titan's skin, and not break over continue use against the Titans. It's the signature blade of Alexander which shows strength, courage, and self-sacrifice, all the while also shows brilliant compassion, and kindness.

Commando Rifle: Mainly used for human interactions, this weapon was made to be used against human targets, and is powered by the atom reactor on the back of the power armour.