Acidic Titan
Type Deviant
Height 7-10M
Rarity 1:30
Abilities Acidic Blood and Saliva
Unique Trait Reverse Sclera, indistinct

 Acidic Titans (酸性の巨人, Sansei no Kyojin) are a Deviant Type Titan with a passive trait that makes their blood and saliva, and other bodily juices into a dangerous corrosive acid. These Titans are virtually indistinct from others, and were not known until the initial Assault on Cronus first wall, Pallene, and fought in the Dione district.


In height, these Titans are known to range from 7-10 meters on average, and mingle in with various others of their kind quite easily. Large, menacing, and filled with a row of large teeth, these Deviants seamlessly blend with their brethren. The only unique feature recorded by the Military has been the reversed sclera in the eyes of the Acidic Titans themselves. While not widely known, the eyes are the only known give away to their inherit trait, and has become it's only indicator prior to learning out the painful way via contact with it's saliva or blood.


Aside from it's ability to show erratic behavior, as per the usual Deviant Type, the Acidic Titans wield a passive trait in their blood and other internal bodily fluids. This trait is that of a highly corrosive and acidic compound, and when coming into contact with flesh and bone of non-Titan origin, begin to corrode and melt away at it's impact zone rapidly. The acidic fluids are indistinct and carry no color, nor smell to distinguish it from normal Titan blood or saliva until it is too late. This acidic compound has even been found to melt through thin layers of mineral and stone with effective results.

This particular type of Deviant however, has been known to display a rather slow level of regeneration outside anywhere but near it's nape, bleeding and salivating rapidly, ensuring it's passive trait is put to maximum usage.

Military NotesEdit

  • On the day of the Assault on Cronus, the Acidic Titan was noted to be mingled in with the Titan swarms that invaded the walls, and dealt considerable damage to the forces due to their presently unknown trait. Killing an estimated number of 300 Civilians and Military Units with it's bodily fluids alone. (Non-consumed)
  • When leading up to check if the Titan you are opposing is indeed an Acidic, make swift cuts at non-vital areas or go directly for the Nape, as vital areas now rapidly secrete and release the blood at rapid velocity, making it much harder to cripple the creatures.
  • All Acidic Titans have thus far been known to exhibit erratic behavior and known to strategically position themselves in the first assault.
  • No Acidic Titans have been seen since the destruction of Wall Pallene.