"N-No! Please don't eat me! NO!!!"
— A Unnamed Soldier would scream at a titan..

The abandoned walls are two walls that were built before the four known walls the two walls were the : Fritz and the inner wall, Reiss. These two walls were constructed in 880. Millions of residents from Liberio and millions of captured Eldians were forced to live in the outer wall. Since then they had peace. But in 884 millions of rampaging titans broke Wall Fritz and millionsand trillions of people died during the disaster. Only 10 people survived. Everyone knew that Wall Reiss might get breached so they made a plan. Each day, citizens would be transported to the four walls which at the time were getting built. All of the remaining citizens that were evacuated survived.

A few days later, the Colossal Titan attacked Wall Reiss. Titans went inside but the town inside looked like a ghost town. A few years later, the four new walls were finally finished. Everyone felt really calm and happy since they would survive. Since then the abandoned walls are beginning to rot. The abandoned walls are banned to all the people.( You can't go there.) The two towns inside the two walls are filled with millions of titans waiting to devour any human they see that go in. Rest in peace,old walls.